2018-19 New Jersey Grand Chapter Officer Line

Most Excellent Grand High Priest - ME William M. Krzewick III

Grand King - David L. Tucker

Grand Scribe - Harry S. May III

Grand Captain of the Host - Dennis M. Huey

Grand Principal Sojourner - Matthew Macready

Grand Royal Arch Captain - RE Richard A. Hammill, PHP, PDDGHP

Grand Treasurer  - RE John D. Barnes, PGHP, PHP

Grand Secretary - RE Charles R. Johnson (acting)

Deputy Grand Treasurer  - RE Sean H. McNorton, PHP, PDDGHP

District Deputy Grand High Priest, Fourth District - RE Victor C. Moschella

Grand Marshal (North)  - RE Sean H. McNorton, PHP, PDDGHP

Grand Chaplain, Fourth District - RE Barry J. Cummings, PHP

Director of Capitular Education - RE Jeffrey R. Chan

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of New Jersey: www.newjerseyyorkrite.org