Fall's Message


I hope that you are doing well.  First, please join me in welcoming our newly exalted Companion, Devin Franklin, who completed his Royal Arch degree during the summer.  We successfully brought in seven new members to our Chapter this year.  There are a few more Brothers who have expressed an interest in joining this coming year as well.  Additionally, we have had a number of former Chapter members rejoin.  This is all very heartening and positive news for our active Chapter. Our future is looking bright!

Second, now that the year is winding down I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every Companion for their support this year particularly the officers and Companions who volunteered to take active roles in our degrees. You are and will continue to be a steadfast support for this Chapter.  None of our efforts would have been accomplished without you.  Thank you.

Finally, I encourage every Companion to take time to share with other Freemasons so that they too can gain from your experiences in Royal Arch Masonry.  Encourage them to explore what the Royal Arch has to offer them as well as what they may have to offer others as a result of their growth as a Mason.  Invite them to a Chapter meeting so that they can find out for themselves what the culture of the membership is, ask questions of experienced Companions and decide for themselves if and when continuing their Masonic journey via Royal Arch Masonry is right for them.

Jeff Boland, MEHP 2018