Our 2017 Officer Line

Most Excellent High Priest - Pedro Laracuente

Excellent King - Jeff Boland

Excellent Scribe - Barry Cummings, PHP

Treasurer - RE David B. Littman, DDGHP, PHP

Secretary - John Dzeidzic, PHP

Captain of the Host - Robert Windisch

Principal Sojourner - Francesco Pugliesi

Royal Arch Captain - Nicholas Jacobs

Grand Master of the Third Veil - McIntosh Thervil

Grand Master of the Second Veil - Nestor Ramirez

Grand Master of the First Veil - Christopher Horgan

Chaplain - RE Mark S. Enz, PGM, PGT, PHP

Tyler - RE Emery Enz, PDDGHP, PHP

Organist - James Foster